Fallout 4 Map Leaked – SPOILERS AHEAD –

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Fallout 4 Map LeakedThanks to an anonymous reddit user and a bunch of people who got a copy of Fallout 4 early from either shopkeepers not following the rules or less honest means have managed to stitch together a completed Fallout 4 Map leak ahead of time.

It looks more or less the same size of skyrim, with a sizeable portion being water. I guess that means we’ll have some underwater exploring to do!

On the bright side, unlike Skyrims mountainous ranges, there is a lot of flat ground to explore and vertical buildings, which should make the playable area much larger than Skyrim. That’s good news for those of planning to dump hundreds of hours into the game! While none of the locations are featured in the map leak, we can clearly see the starting location and Fenway Park (Diamond City).

Fallout 4 The Institute Desktop and Mobile Wallpapers

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This was a fun little project. I wanted was going for a kinda i-robot feel. Think it came out looking pretty good all things considering! Maybe a little too futuristic for fallout 4, but they’re supposed to be the pinnacle of human technology on earth, after all.

Credit for the character models goes to Bethesda for the middle model and Frank Tzeng for the left 3D Render.

The Institute Fallout 4 Mobile Wallpaper

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