Fallout Shelter Crash Fix

By July 31, 2015Gaming
Fallout Shelter Crash Fix Bug

If you are anything like me, you are getting frustrated with the constant freezing and crashing that happens with Fallout Shelter App on Ipad, Ipad mini, and Iphone. My co-workers and I have been troubleshooting across devices to bring you as many tips as possible to fixing the solution. We have put together a list of the most frequently occurring crashes, and how we fixed them.

UPDATE: Latest Patch 1.6 Creates more issues.

It seems that continuing on since launch, users are still having major issues with the app crashing. If none of the solutions we’ve found so far work, post your issues HERE.


At the moment, it is inadvisable for your to purchase lunchboxes for your game. There is a relatively common bug that sets your game save file to 0kb, effectively wiping your entire savegame, and your purchased lunchboxes, with no refund.

There has been a well documented series of android users that have come to the following conclusion regarding why, exactly, this problem is happening.

“You are closing the application before the autosave finished completing a write, wiping the save data in the process.”

The following video (I recommend you mute it) goes through the process to clear game files for a fresh install.

If you call Google play service and they will give you your money back.
24/7 United States customer service (855) 836-3987


Game gets stuck loading

Launcher won’t start

Ensure that you have installed the launcher in the default directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda.net Launcher). It has issues launching from any other install directory. Weird, we know.


Fallout Shelter Crash on Start

Easiest fix. This was likely because you either didn’t exit the app properly the first time, or two instances of the app launched at once. Make sure you close any instances of the game already open, and close your other programs while you are at it.

Fallout Shelter Lags Horribly and then Crashes

This has only happened when our vault grows too large. Depending on what device you are using, there is simply too much going on and the game was poorly optimized at launch by Bethesda. We recommend starting a new vault and waiting for the Android updates to come along. If you already sank a bunch of money into the lunchboxes, I feel your pain. I did too.

Fallout Shelter Won’t Load the Vault – Crash on Load

You likely have a corrupted save. If you’ve tried restarting the game, restarting your device, and the same load game crashes there is only one option. Start a new game. Starting a new game might seem like a waste of time at this point, but it will load up and run smooth as butter. Let the new game run for a while and then load your original and try again.

Fallout Shelter Crash When Rushing Rooms Having Babies or Multiple Events

Some kind of content overflow issue that results in a crash. We recommend restarting your device, making sure all applications are closed, and restarting the game. It seems to fix the issue for a few hours.

None of the Above Worked for me!

We have only had one instance where none of the above fixed the crashing, or it was just too frequent to handle. This most commonly occurred on the lower end, not supported devices such as the Ipad Mini. While we did see a slight performance increase in wiping all data and reinstalling the app, it was too much of a pain to justify as a solution. Hopefully the development team for Fallout Shelter over at Bethesda can iron out these issues, because there is simply nothing we can do. Sorry 🙁


If none of the solutions we’ve found so far work, post your issues HERE.

Some Shameless Fallout 4 Content to Whet your Whistle

The biggest reason all of us picked up Fallout: Shelter in the first place was to sate our thirst for just a little while longer. Once we get Fallout 4 in our hands, we will likely never pick Shelter up again. So until then, here’s two nice graphics I made to keep things interesting
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  • Jeff Placek says:

    I am running the game on bluestacks via windows 7 on a pc. The game crashes every time I try to load it. I can’t reload a new version because it automatically starts the game over and crashes again. I have no idea how to uninstall it at this point but can’t even reload the game to see if it may not have loaded properly to begin with.At this point I can’t play the game at all.

  • Nessa says:

    I’m using an LG v410 tablet. I have very few things downloaded on my tablet at all. Fallout shelter, one other game, and some Google stuff. The app keeps randomly closing. Sometimes it’s during an event, sometimes it’s for no reason at all. It’s so annoying I wish it would get fixed.

  • Macie says:

    Only one of my vaults freeze when opening. Just purchased a 20 pack of pets about 4 days ago. I have about 170 people in that vault. I have two other vaults that load fine. Tried everything you suggested including un installing and re installing t he app. :c I hope they release a patch after the last update. This sucks.:c

  • Unknown user says:

    I’m on an iPad mini and let’s say I try to open my vault it try’s to load but crashes I even tried restarting my iPad and it didn’t work. I even uninstalled the app and tried my vault again but the same thing plz help me. And one last thing, sometimes it loads the game and the. It crashes. plz help me 🙁

  • James Ong says:

    Fallout Shelter crashes often when I send out my max levelled dwellers as well. Perhaps it takes too much loading power to know how my lvl 10 professor cornwell with his sheriff duster fare in the wasteland. i rewind the time and called him back, and my vault never freezes or get stuck at loading screen ever again.

  • Derek says:

    I am running the newest BlueStacks on Windows 10. I have an AMD 9590, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 with 16GB of RAM. I shouldn’t be having an issue but I am. Fallout Shelter is installed but when I say open it looks like it tries and then the tab closes. I would be thankful for any advice to get it running!

  • LoneWolf says:

    Hey Jeff I use Bluestacks too and I’m having the same problem, and was wondering if you ever came up with a method to fix it?

  • Michael Gulling says:

    I am playing on Android and before the overseers office update I would occasionally experience crashes on load however given the game enough time to load up it would successfully load.

    However since the most recent update my game will not load at all I am concerned that my save game data may be damaged from a crash that resulted from attempting the first in game quest.

    I am very happy Bethesda added to the game but the fact that I have paid for a considerable amount of lunchboxes I am upset that all that time and money will be lost without any compensation. I would be happy with a transfer of my purchases to a new game

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