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Fallout 4 Map Leaked – SPOILERS AHEAD –

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Fallout 4 Map LeakedThanks to an anonymous reddit user and a bunch of people who got a copy of Fallout 4 early from either shopkeepers not following the rules or less honest means have managed to stitch together a completed Fallout 4 Map leak ahead of time.

It looks more or less the same size of skyrim, with a sizeable portion being water. I guess that means we’ll have some underwater exploring to do!

On the bright side, unlike Skyrims mountainous ranges, there is a lot of flat ground to explore and vertical buildings, which should make the playable area much larger than Skyrim. That’s good news for those of planning to dump hundreds of hours into the game! While none of the locations are featured in the map leak, we can clearly see the starting location and Fenway Park (Diamond City).

Fallout 4 The Institute Desktop and Mobile Wallpapers

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This was a fun little project. I wanted was going for a kinda i-robot feel. Think it came out looking pretty good all things considering! Maybe a little too futuristic for fallout 4, but they’re supposed to be the pinnacle of human technology on earth, after all.

Credit for the character models goes to Bethesda for the middle model and Frank Tzeng for the left 3D Render.

The Institute Fallout 4 Mobile Wallpaper

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Lexus Digital Showroom – Lexus Advertisements

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Designing a few Lexus ads for the Lexus Digital Showroom. This was a massive touchscreen television installed in the middle of Lexus Dealerships that allowed Lexus Salesmen the ability to have customers navigate through the inventory on their own. The only problem is, most older customers had no idea what the podium actually was. That’s where I come in.

Designing some signage to go around the podium, and popping up some wallpapers on screen allowed customers to understand what exactly they were looking at. Even the older demographic easily understood the simple touchscreen approach, which was massively helped by a well-designed UI which facilitated customer interaction.

Not the most exciting project for the gamers that come to my site, but I was still pretty proud of it.WL-DigitalShowroom-03


Lexus Digital Showroom 2016 NX

Lexus Digital Showroom

Lexus Digital Showroom

Lexus Digital Showroom

Lexus Digital Showroom

Getting Older and Losing Interest in Video Games

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If you look at my previous posts, you can see how hyped I was for Metal Gear. I hadn’t eagerly anticipated a midnight release since sophomore year of college when Battlefield 3 released. But after jumping in for about 20 hours of gameplay, I have nearly lost complete interest in picking up the controller anymore. What the hell happened?

I’ll tell you what happened. I got a steady job, a steady girl, and I got old. It seems like there’s never enough time in the day to get shit done, and by the time I plop myself in front of the computer there’s little to no motivation to keep playing. While I’ve lost interest in the games that had originally hooked me, I find them repetitive and dull now. But the games I DO play have completely changed as well.

The older I get, the more I find myself interested in games with a much higher learning curve. I play in military simulation games with a large group known as ShackTac. I play Elite Dangerous with a full flight simulator setup. I invest more money into crap I don’t need to enjoy the game because, well, I have it. I’ve lost motivation to drop $60 on a game that may or may not be good, because I can only see myself getting a couple hours out of it an never picking it up again.

Fallout 4 Walkthrough – How to Survive

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Fallout 4 Walkthrough Guide Wallpaper

I rarely get hyped, but Fallout 4 has me drinking the kool-aid. When I actually had time I decided to squeeze in a bit of fun design and plot out a quick fun project centered around Fallout 4. I wanted to make a really simple, stupid Fallout 4 Walkthrough that people could have fun looking at for a minute or two. So here goes.

AS A NOTE : I have received a ton of feedback regarding this “walkthrough”. I caught a lot of flak regarding how this is not the way the game is meant to be played. I rustled a LOT of jimmies with this graphic. The beauty of Fallout 4 is that you will be able to play any fashion you choose. Perhaps I went a little bit too “bad guy” for this walkthrough. I will be amending this to include different style character that you can play through, and tips for each of them. Stay tuned to see more Fallout 4 Walkthrough graphics that will include characters like “The Scientist” “The Saint” “The Madman” ect.



Let’s face it. Walking out of a sheltered vault and into the wasteland can be a bit of an experience. So I’ve put together this Fallout 4 Guide. If you have no qualms about skipping the moral high road to survive, this is a good set of rules. For Fallout veterans this may be common sense, but it’s been a while, and war never changes.

Take Everything

Caps are life, and everything is worth something. That rusty butterknife might be worth one cap, but you never know when you will bump into a trader. If a merchant or homeowner dont happen to be there, or have their back turned. Consider it free. Just dont get caught.

Kill That NPC

Sneaking up on a neutral NPC and using VATS on the back of his head may not seem very sportmanlike, but I bet that vault suit is stinky after sitting in storage for several hundred years. Besides, It’s not like he was part of a quest, right? Almost every player is anxious to swap out their starting weapon and armor for bigger and better gear, and getting the drop on these harmless NPCs is the best way to do it. Oh hell, you’ll probably do more than one playthrough anyway, these ancillary characters aren’t that important.

Save Your Meds

If you’ve been following the first tip, you should be carrying enough food to feed a small city. Eat that crap and save your meds for when the going gets really tough. Remember that time you bumped into 10 cazadores without stimpacks or buffout? Yeah, I do.

Follow the Main Quest

I typically save the main quest for later in the game, but my playstyle is also a bit bizarre. If you’re looking to gear up quickly without much risk, follow that main quest. Plenty of AI teammates will help you through firefights and the quests typically lead you to major towns with some of the biggest experience bonuses awarded in the game.

Warning : Do Not Enter

Deathclaw Fortress may sound like a cool place to explore, but unless you fancy becoming a steaming pile of mutant feces, bookmark it to stock up and level first. If you don’t feel confident entering an area, save early and save often. There’s no point wasting all your resources to search one area.